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Canterbury Engineering is your World Class source for extrusion tooling design, extrusion moulding, extrusion die design and injection plastic processing for after-market products. With over 25 years of experience, we engineer solutions that maximize productivity of injection molding and extrusion processes.

Canterbury Engineering continues to be recognized for designing some of the most innovative and highest quality products in the industry including a complete line of manufactured and rebuilt products; screws & barrels for extrusion & Injection, extrusion tools, crossheads, tips & dies and more.

Canterbury Engineering provides a broad line of manufactured and rebuilt screws & barrels for OEM Machines.

Our ability to design and manufacture an ideal solution specific to your extrusion or injection molding processes is what set us apart from our competition. As a practical measure , we incorporate flow control devices to our extrusion die design for better services. The depth and experience of our Engineers and Managers combined with one of the most complete CAD/CAM resources in the industry means we can design and manufacture highly productive extrusion and injection processing solutions tailored to your exacting needs. We also deal with plastic extruders to mold the material in the required shapes. The result is improved performance and with greater profitability.


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Canterbury Engineering
Quality Solutions for Maximum Productivity
Extrusion Products
A complete line of manufacturing and rebuilding services for all your Extrusion Product needs.
Injection Molding
A complete line of manufacturing and rebuilding services for all your injection Molding Product needs.
Extrusion Tooling
Over 60 years experience in extrusion tool and design manufacturing.
OEM Replacement Parts
A huge selection of OEM replacement screws and barrels.